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A New York Fashion House Has No Place at New York’s Fashion Expo

NEW YORK—New York’s fashion world was shaken to its core Monday when two major New York fashion houses announced they were no longer attending the FFFXIV fashion show, due to safety concerns over the spread of the coronavirus.

As of Wednesday morning, three major New Yorks fashion houses, including New York-based Versace, were no-shows at the FXXIV, a major fashion show in New York City.

Versace is the only major American fashion house that has not signed on to participate in the FxxIV.

“I feel very bad about the fact that we’re no longer participating in FXX,” said Versace designer Laurent Fabre, who was not involved in the announcement.

“We have to be honest.

This is the end of the line for us.”

Versace announced in February that it would be shutting down the company.

Versailles, the French luxury house that is based in New Jersey, announced last week that it will be shutting its doors by the end to focus on a global expansion plan, but the company has not yet confirmed the details.

“We were told that the risk of contracting this disease is low,” Versailles said in a statement.

“Unfortunately, we’re not confident about the level of risk posed by the virus in the U.S. right now.”

Fabre said Versailly had been “honest and forthright about the risks of participating in the show” and “had no doubt that it was in our best interest to shut down our business.”

Versailla did not specify which U.K.-based luxury brands were no to participate.

A Versaiello spokeswoman declined to comment further.

A spokesperson for the New York State Department of Health did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has not issued any public warning about the spread in the United States, although the agency has been warning for several weeks that coronaviruses could be found in people traveling from West Africa.

The announcement came as the world grapples with the spread.

There have been more than 100 confirmed cases of coronaviral disease in the last week alone in the countries of West Africa and Nigeria.

On Monday, the U-Haul and UPS were both forced to pull their truck loads of supplies from New York because of the spread, while other companies were also forced to shut their shops.

In an emailed statement to Vice News, UPS said it was suspending its New York distribution center “until further notice,” while the New Jersey-based trucking company said it would close its facility and its facilities in New Brunswick and New York state by the beginning of the month.