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What is the fashion district in Brooklyn?

New York City has been called “the fashion district” for decades.

And that’s mostly true, according to the Brooklyn Historical Society.

The neighborhood is home to a number of fashion-focused restaurants, fashion boutiques and fashion boutiquettes, all of which are known for their unique styles.

The most famous is the Dior-inspired New York Public Library branch, which is known for its iconic fashion collection. 

The Brooklyn Fashion District has a reputation for having a “fashion culture that is truly New York” in a city that has long had a fashion-centric reputation.

There are also fashion-related events that occur every few months.

Here’s a look at the fashion districts in Brooklyn and beyond:1.

Dior Brooklyn Fashion Market2.

Fanny & the Fashion District3.

New York Fashion Week4.

New Yorker Fashion Week5.

The New York Style District6.

Brooklyn Fashion Week7.

The Fanny Street Fashion District8.

Brooklyn High Fashion Week9.

Brooklyn Museum Fashion Week10.

Fashion Week NYC11.

The Fashion District NY12.

Brooklyn Film Festival13.

The Manhattan Fashion District14.

The Brooklyn Fashion Festival15.

Brooklyn’s Fashion Week16.

Brooklyn Design Week17.

Fashion Fest NYC18.

Fashion and Design Fair NYC19.

The City’s Fashion District20.

Fashion Days NYC21.

Fashion & Style Fair NY22.

The Grand Concourse NYC23.

Fashion Weekend NY24.

Fashion Designers Fair NYC25.

Fashion Festival NYC26.

Fashion Fair NY27.

Brooklyn Festival NY28.

Fashion Day NY29.

Fashion Night NY30.

Fashion Fashion Week NY31.

Fashion Salon NY32.

Fashion Show NY33.

Fashion Street NY34.

Fashion Boutique NY35.

Fashion Event NY36.

Fashion Market NY37.

Fashion Apparel NY38.

Fashion Originals NY39.

Fashion ArtNY40.

Fashion Merchandise NY41.

Fashion Outlet NY42.

Fashion EventsNY43.

Fashion Trends NY44.

Fashion Style NY45.

Fashion MeetupsNY46.

Fashion BlogsNY47.

Fashion PhotographyNY48.

Fashion InstagramNY49.

Fashion PhotoshootsNY50.

Fashion VlogNY51.

Fashion VideosNY52.

Fashion Video EssayNY53.

Fashion MagazineNY54.

Fashion AwardsNY55.

Fashion CalendarNY56.

Fashion Photo AlbumNY57.

Fashion MixtapeNY58.

Fashion BasketsNY59.

Fashion DancersNY60.

Fashion LingerieNY61.

Fashion GownNY62.

Fashion SwimsuitNY63.

Fashion T-ShirtsNY64.

Fashion PumpsNY65.

Fashion FootwearNY66.

Fashion StocksNY67.

Fashion SocksNY68.

Fashion BootsNY69.

Fashion AccessoriesNY70.

Fashion HomeKitNY71.

Fashion HolidaysNY72.

Fashion GiftsNY73.

Fashion MakeupNY74.

Fashion EyewearNY75.

Fashion SweatshopNY76.

Fashion BodywearNY77.

Fashion WearablesNY78.

Fashion TattoosNY79.

Fashion CakesNY80.

Fashion BridesmaidsNY81.

Fashion Wedding DressNY82.

Fashion ClothesNY83.

Fashion Dress ShirtsNY84.

Fashion CasualwearNY85.

Fashion Holiday AccessoriesNY86.

Fashion Gift GuidesNY87.

Fashion Christmas Gift GuideNY88.

Fashion ShortsNY89.

Fashion New Year Gift Guide