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How to enjoy Christmas Eve at the Venus Fashion District with a brand new fashion style

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is the home of the Venus fashion district.

The fashion district is an eclectic neighborhood with plenty of funky stores selling old fashioned candy and vintage clothing.

The neighborhood is home to more than 50 different vintage stores and a couple of bars, including The Art Shop and the Art & Craft Cafe.

A couple of old fashioned candies are also on display, including one with a candy cane on the front and a white paper bag wrapped around the back.

One thing that stands out is the art on display.

The decor is a bit quirky and quirky and I think a lot of the art was done by people who had been in the area long enough to know what to expect from the candy.

The Art &amps; Craft Cafes is a little different from the rest of the fashion district, though, and you can actually go inside the doors.

The art shop has a unique look to it, with all sorts of old-school decor.

The ceiling is covered with vintage photos and posters from the era, and the walls are lined with old school-themed paintings.

A few of the vintage items are from the 1970s and ’80s.

There are also some pretty retro and retro clothing.

The store has some vintage denim, but the items on display aren’t all denim.

You can also find vintage jewelry, hats, and more.

The vintage decor also is pretty cool.

The Art &aps; Craft Café is a cool, retro bar that is not afraid to have a little bit of retro fun.

They have some retro food as well, which is great because you can’t find anything like this anywhere else.

You could even find a bottle of beer or a wine bottle.

The old fashioned cravings for the candy cane are still there.

You get a little scoop of candy, a piece of paper, and a candy can.

You put the paper in the can and fill it up.

You just put the candy in the candy can, put the can in the paper, put it in the bag and you’re done.

I was surprised to find that there was no old fashioned soda pop inside the store.

I mean, that’s so cool, you know?

It’s a really cool way to spend a Christmas Eve.

The other cool thing is the retro art on the walls.

You’ll see things like a pinata, an old lady with her arm outstretched, or a vintage painting.

You will see vintage posters that are really old-fashioned, too.

It’s really cool.

One of the best things about the old fashioned shop is that they have a ton of retro clothing, too, which you can check out.

There are a few pieces of vintage clothes from the ’70s that you can buy.

You can also buy vintage shoes and accessories, and even a few pairs of old clothes from back in the day.

There is a huge selection of vintage shoes, too — there are all kinds of old school styles and styles that you could wear today.

There’s also some retro clothes that you’ll want to wear for Christmas Eve as well.

I just wanted to mention that you do have to be able to walk into the old school store and walk out the front door.

There might not be a store for you in this neighborhood.

I love going into the Venus district.

I love it, especially if I’m in the Philadelphia area, and I love all the little places that are just tucked away.