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Why you should go to the autumn fashion runway

A new season of fashion is on the cards, with more than 20 autumn fashion shows set to be held around the world.

Dublin’s Fashion Week kicks off with a number of fashion shows in the city, including a pop-up at Dublin City Hall on Tuesday, December 11.

This is the third year Dublin will host the event, and will be held on Friday, December 14.

This year, the theme for the Dublin Fashion Week will be ‘Winter’, with a fashion show at the RDS on Wednesday.

It is a chance for fashion designers and artists to showcase their designs and create a new piece of seasonal style for the summer.

This season, the fashion shows will be staged in collaboration with the fashion and design festival, The Fashion Week Dublin, as well as the Fashion Week London and Fashion Week Paris.

The fashion shows are the culmination of more than two years of work to promote fashion and fashion trends in Ireland.

They aim to promote and develop Irish fashion through innovative and original works, while showcasing innovative fashion trends that are gaining traction globally.

Dubliners will be able to buy pieces from the shows at special stores throughout the city.

The main fashion show will take place at the Dublin City Centre on Wednesday at 5.30pm.

The show is open to the public, and there will be performances and events for all ages.

The Dublin Fashion Festival is a four-day event with a special focus on fashion, music, food and entertainment.

In the event of rain or snow, the city is expected to open the event to the general public from 12pm on Wednesday, December 10.

The event will continue through the night on Friday December 14, with a final event at 7pm.

The festival is supported by the City of Dublin, Arts Council of Ireland, the Royal College of Art and other partners.

Tickets are available online for €15 and €35, respectively.

To purchase tickets, go to www.dublinfestival.ie/events.

For more information, visit www.fashionweek.ie