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Cyberpunk fashion glasses

The Next, a fashion website, is partnering with fashion brand Cyberpunk Fashion and cyberpunk designer Zebra to create the Cyberpunk Glasses collection. 

The first pair will be available to preorder in April and retail for $149.99. 

“We want to be a leading voice in the fashion industry in making sure that consumers get the best digital experiences they can afford,” said Cyberpunk CEO Jason Rippel.

“This collaboration with Zebra is a great way to help us reach out to consumers, and provide a great value for consumers.” 

Rippel and Zebra are best known for their futuristic fashion pieces, which are available for purchase online. 

Cyberpunk Fashion, founded in 2011, has been working with the fashion market for years.

It recently launched the Cyberwear collection, which includes clothes like dress shirts, jacket pants, hoodies, pants, jackets, hats, and sunglasses. 

Riemel, who also runs a tech-focused company called Digital Domain, has worked with the tech industry for years and was instrumental in the launch of Google Glass, the first smart-watch to be launched on the market. 

As the company’s founder, Riemel also worked on creating the first high-tech, high-fashion wearable, and has been instrumental in creating fashion in general. 

On Thursday, he gave a speech about Cyberpunk in New York City, where he introduced his latest venture, the Cyberpunks. 

It was a fitting introduction to the brand, which is known for its stylish, futuristic clothing and accessories. 

While Zebra has been a fashion brand for decades, the pair are working on creating their own line of high-end fashion. 

According to Riemels, the company plans to sell a wide variety of Cyberpunk clothing and other items. 

In a statement, Zebra said the collaboration is a good example of how fashion is becoming more connected to the technology world. 

I’m excited to collaborate with ZRABEF on Cyberpunk’s Cyberpunk fashion collection, said Zebra CEO, Jason Riemelt. 

This collaboration allows Zebra and Cyberpunk to bring fashion and technology closer together. 

These pieces are designed with a high level of style and innovation.

They will be a new generation of fashion, one that embraces the cyberpunk future, one which embraces our growing connectedness and connectedness to our environment. 

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