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What you need to know about the latest in chinese fashion

A year ago, Chanel released its first ever “Made in China” collection, featuring all-new pieces that featured the chinese symbol on the back.

Today, Chanels own brand is expanding into apparel.

Chanel opened a new store on Friday in Shanghai, the first of its kind in China, and is currently expanding its catalog into women’s and men’s clothing.

It will sell clothing in both men’s and women’s sizes.

The company also opened a second location in Singapore, with plans to expand in other markets as well.

Chanels flagship collection is a mix of vintage and contemporary pieces.

It includes a few pieces that have been worn by celebrities like actress Scarlett Johansson and model Heidi Klum, but most of the collection features Chanel-made accessories like bags, belts and belts and handbags, according to the company.

The new store, which opened on Friday, is a new addition to Chanel’s China flagship store, the company said.

It also plans to open a second branch in Singapore and is expanding its international offerings.

Chanelles China stores are in a new part of Shanghai that was recently built on the site of a former shopping mall.

The building itself has a facade that was originally designed for a shopping mall, but now houses a store, a cafe and a boutique.

Chanelle store in Shanghai’s Chinatown.

Chaneln’s new stores are the first Chanel to be built in China since the company announced it would open a store in China in 2013.

Chanelmanis latest China stores were designed to cater to consumers who are interested in fashion, fashion trends and the latest trends.

They feature a mix from fashion-forward pieces to more casual pieces and even a few Chanel inspired accessories, the Chanel website said.

The Chinese market has seen a rapid expansion in the last two decades, with the number of people living in the country more than doubling from about 5.4 million in 1999 to nearly 9 million in 2016, according the China Economic Daily.

That population growth has created a need for high-end clothing in China and a demand for china-made apparel in the United States, Chanellens CEO, Michael Landon, said in a statement.

He also said that Chanel is committed to creating an environment in which all its brands can thrive.

The store also has the capacity to handle up to 40,000 people.

Chanelleries in China are responsible for creating and selling Chanel branded items, such as the collection of handbags and belts, as well as Chanel apparel.

The Chanel brand has been on the rise in China over the past few years.

In January 2018, Chanellerie was sold for $1.2 billion to Singapore-based Chinese conglomerate Suning Group for $11.5 billion.