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When fashion lady Gaga died: Who is her daughter?

In her final years, fashion icon Gia Gabby Gaga was known for her fierce fashion sense, but it wasn’t always easy.

She was born in 1949 and grew up in rural Australia.

She would often spend hours dressing for her friends at a nearby school.

She is remembered as a kind and gentle person, with a deep sense of humour and a keen interest in the arts.

The fashion icon died aged 76 in Melbourne, where she was born.

What’s the truth about Gia Gaga’s daughter?

ABC News spoke to the Gia Gabrieli and Gia’s niece, Mary-Ann Gabrieli.

The story behind the fashion icon’s life and death, the fashion history she inspired, and the people who have inspired her are all covered in this ABC News documentary.

Gia was born Gia Eustace Gaga in Perth in 1949.

Her father was an accountant, and she went to the same school as her mother, but her father had no children and the two were separated.

Gita grew up a tomboy and wore dresses and dresses of all shapes and sizes, but she loved to draw.

“I used to take pencils and paper and draw everything.

I loved the art of drawing, I liked to draw,” she said.

She spent her childhood in the Melbourne suburb of Mount Lawley, but moved to a rural town in South Australia.

“There was no TV, and we never got to see it,” she told the ABC.

“My mother was very fond of the outdoors, so she would take me to the bush and she’d take me out into the fields.”

Gia grew up believing in the power of her parents.

“They were the ones that pushed me to be a model,” she recalled.

“When I was growing up I really loved that they would take us out into nature and the bush, and I thought that was amazing, and that they’d do something special for me.”

“They’d tell me that they were going to teach me how to be like the other people around me.”

When Gia first started modelling, she was not a star.

“All I knew was what I was told,” she later said.

Gias modelling career didn’t take off until her 40s, but a couple of years later she was spotted in a number of high fashion and beauty magazines, including Esquire.

Giat and Gaby Gabrieli were friends from their early days of modelling.

“She’s very talented, and my father always encouraged me to do things for him,” Gia said.

“He taught me how important it was to be the best you you could be.”

When she was 18, Gia got engaged to Australian designer and fashion icon Jack Hill.

They married in 1964 and had a daughter, Giacina.

Giacine was a star in her family, and it was a good experience for Gia.

“Gia is my rock in my life, I really miss her,” Giaca said.

The couple had four children.

Gaby married in 1972, and Giacinna was born on February 25, 1974.

“It’s such a sad thing that she’s passed away, I’m just really sad,” Gaby said.

But her mother’s love for Giacia was not in vain.

Gial was a model for many years, and her work helped Gia in the modelling business.

“We were always on the front lines,” Gial said.

In 2007, Gial started her own modelling agency.

“The modelling industry had always been there for me, but for a lot of people, it was something that wasn’t accessible,” she explained.

“But then I started modelling and my work really made a difference.”

In 2010, Gian and her husband were on a yacht when they were hit by a wave.

They spent weeks in hospital, but survived.

The following year, Gias mother passed away from complications of diabetes.

Giannina Gabby was born December 16, 1975, in Adelaide.

She had been married to her husband for 10 years, but was separated after a divorce in 2007.

Giamanina had worked as a housewife and mother-of-three for years, until Giaminna’s mother passed in 2011.

“Her mother passed because of diabetes, and then Giamanias father passed.

I never really felt like I was her mum,” Giamania said.

When Giamanie passed away in 2012, her husband, Giambano, took over the role of Giainna.

“People thought she was gone, that she was dead,” Giannini said.