80s Fashion<old Fashioned Products A plus size fashion icon dies in New York

A plus size fashion icon dies in New York

A plus-size fashion icon who inspired millions of women around the world has died.

Diana Lomax died Thursday at her home in New Jersey after a battle with cancer.

She was 77.

The fashion designer died Thursday in her New Jersey home, her son, Christopher Lomac, said in a statement.

Lomax created the line of feminine-friendly and plus-sized clothes and accessories that helped inspire a generation of women who are now in their 40s, 50s and 60s, Christopher said.

Lemons was one of the first designers to combine feminine-centric designs with high-fashion, a move that sparked a cultural shift and has now led to a thriving industry of designers and designers’ departments that are dedicated to creating clothes for all.

Lorraine Lemax is credited with creating a new style for women of all sizes, Christopher wrote on his Twitter account.

The Lomas had an impact on many women around them, Christopher added.

“I was blessed to have Diana Lomak on my mother’s side as well as on my own mother’s,” he wrote.

“Diana was an inspiration to me and a great friend.”

Christopher added that Diana was “a true pioneer of what is considered ‘plus size’ in our industry.”

The family released a statement through the Fashion Institute of Technology: “Dianne and Christopher loved every minute of their lives together and will be deeply missed by their friends and fans.

Diana and Christopher will be missed by all of us who knew them, and will never be forgotten.

They were such a great, fun and vibrant family.”

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