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How to dress like a college professor at a cottagecore Fashion Mall

Cottagecore Fashion is a new brand of high fashion that specializes in high-end accessories and clothing designed to look like a university professor.

They are based in Burlington, Vermont.

Their website claims they “celebrate the rich culture of the arts, history, and philosophy at the intersection of fashion and education” and offer classes for students ranging from middle school to advanced undergraduate.

The brand launched its first store in Vermont in March and has since opened two more in Vermont.

It has been featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and even appeared on The Colbert Report.

The website has an extensive catalogue of apparel including jackets, trousers, pants, jackets, dresses, and sweaters.

You can check out their website and Instagram for more pictures of their items.

One thing you might not know is that the designers actually do work for the university.

One of the students who wears the sweater is a professor of philosophy at Vermont Polytechnic Institute and State University.

A cottagecore style can be quite difficult to find.

The student who bought it told me she was hesitant to go to a cottage in Vermont because it would be very difficult to understand.

“It’s a lot of people,” she said.

“There’s so much information.

I’m like, what are you talking about?

There’s so many people who work there.

They’re all working really hard.

There’s not much that can be done.”

The sweater is designed with a pattern that’s reminiscent of a student’s sweater, with a slightly different pattern that has a little more stretch and a bit more ease.

The students who wear the sweater also get a certificate that is designed to be a badge for the student’s class.

I talked to the student about the process of getting the sweater.

I was told the sweater was made by a student and her boyfriend.

They were not able to find the sweater on their own, so they were using a college sweatshirt to make the sweater and then they were able to contact the university and ask for the sweater, and the sweater got sent out to them.

The sweater was hand-made, and it was hand dyed, and they made a few different iterations of the sweater before they finally got it.

When you get a sweater, you usually get a white one, but if it’s white it’s not really the same sweater.

The pattern and the stitching on the sweater are not the same, so it’s kind of hard to tell exactly what it’s made of.

It was just really fun to get a look at.

And it’s a great sweater.

So far, the students have been happy with the sweater they received, and she hopes they can make it a more permanent fixture at the cottage.

It will be something they’ll wear on the regular.