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New Jersey Nets coach Jason Kidd: I would ‘like to have some success’

The New Jersey Devils and the New York Knicks have been in the same position before.

Kidd was a coach in the NHL, the team that drafted him.

But after three straight losing seasons and two playoff appearances, the Devils have been a rebuilding project since their move to Brooklyn in 2011.

Kidd said he doesn’t see the Knicks’ struggles as a hindrance to being a championship contender, and that the team has the right players in place to make it happen.

“You don’t really want to think about what is a hindance for success.

You have to look at what you need to do, what you have to do to win,” Kidd said on Monday.

“So I don’t see it as hindance, I see it more as a positive.

I’m very happy with where we are in this rebuild.”

Kidd said the team was “looking for some continuity” after last season’s playoff exit.

Kidd also said he has no idea how much time the Knicks will have to win in the regular season, and how much the team will have in the playoffs.

“I don’t know that.

It’s not like we’re in a position where we’re playing every game and trying to be the best,” Kidd added.

“That’s not what we’re trying to do.”

The Knicks are currently second in the Eastern Conference standings, but Kidd is hopeful that a good start can put them over the top.

“We’ve had two really great seasons,” Kidd told the New Jersey Star-Ledger.

We’ve got to get back on track. “

It’s going to take some time to build some momentum.

We’ve got to get back on track.

We’re going there.

We have to be ready for it.”

The Nets have struggled to build a foundation in the early going, and Kidd said his team has been the team most affected by that.

“There are a lot of things we need to fix,” Kidd continued.

“In our locker room, we’re still young, we have to get a little bit older, and we need a little more experience and a little less consistency.”

Kidd also pointed out that the Knicks had one of the best rookie classes in the league last season, with players like Brook Lopez and J.R. Smith.

Kidd, who was a former player with the New Orleans Hornets, said the Nets need to find a way to build on their success.

“To be honest, the NBA is a little different than college basketball, so the NBA has a lot to do with that,” Kidd stated.

“For a young team, we need the right pieces, and I think we have that right pieces.”

Kidd was asked if he believes the team should start playing with more speed, and he said he believes that’s the way to go.

“They should play faster,” Kidd agreed.

“At the end of the day, that’s what we need.

That’s what’s going in the game.

I don [think] we need speed more than anybody.”