80s Fashion<old Fashioned Certifications Watch: Audrey Hepburn’s fashion show is coming to America

Watch: Audrey Hepburn’s fashion show is coming to America

The fashion show of Audrey Hepworth is coming, and it is being held in the historic Capitol building on January 12.

The historic Capitol, where the United States House of Representatives is located, will be used as the stage for the show, according to a statement released by the Capitol Preservation Commission.

The event will be broadcast live on the Capitol’s website, www.capitolpreservation.org.

Tickets will go on sale on January 14. 

A total of $500,000 is being raised to bring the show to the historic venue. 

“We are thrilled to welcome the Audrey Hepsworth Fashion Show to the Capitol in 2017,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in a statement.

“As a member of the House of Representative, it is my proud honor to bring this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to our nation’s capital.” 

The fashion show, which will include some of the most iconic models of the 20th century, will include models like Audrey Hepwell, Marlene Dietrich, Kate Moss, Vivienne Westwood, and Kate Hudson.

The show will feature special guest models, including model and fashion photographer Yvonne Tandy, and actress Eva Longoria.

The fashion shows were created by the American Fashion Council (AFCC) and are being held every three years at the Capitol.

The American Fashion Association (AFAA) was created by fashion designers in 1963 and is responsible for the design of the fashion shows.