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Steampunk fashion boutique opening in Melbourne

Victorian style fashion retailer Steampunk Fashion Boutique has opened a boutique in Melbourne’s inner west.

Key points:The boutique will be staffed by a full-time employee, and will feature a range of fashion and vintage merchandiseVictoria’s Steampunk Clothing Boutique opened in February with an eye on opening a branch in the CBD.

“We have been doing this for 20 years now and we are really excited to be opening our first shop in the inner west,” owner Rob Mackey said.

“Steampunk clothing has been a huge hit in the west, especially in the past couple of years, so this is great to bring it back here in Melbourne.”

“We are opening a boutique shop in Melbourne to complement the current collection of clothing and vintage.

We will also be offering customisation options such as a full leather jacket, leather trousers and leather boots.”

The first shop will be opened in the central business district of Fitzroy, and has the option of opening a second store in the city centre.

Mr Mackey was part of the team that opened the first shop to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the film Star Wars.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to do something special with a vintage style, with a different twist on it and we wanted to bring that to Melbourne,” he said.

He said the boutique would be staffed only by a “full-time” employee.

“The store will feature our current collection, we will be offering a wide range of vintage items, from traditional to the latest,” Mr Mackey added.

“Our goal is to offer a high quality range and a unique experience to our customers.”

“The shop will have a full range of merchandise including clothing, shoes, accessories, accessories to make it a truly unique experience.”

He said it was a great opportunity for a business to showcase the heritage of the Victorian style, and to celebrate an exciting time in the history of the state.

“Victoria is one of the most vibrant and vibrant cities in the world, and we want to celebrate it through the vintage,” he added.

The shop has been open for two years and will be located in the business district.