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Why are men in korean clothes so expensive?

KOREAN clothing is often priced more expensive than Japanese, so how do men in the region feel about it?

According to a survey conducted by Korean fashion magazine Hae Jin, many men in South Korea are worried about their appearance and feel that it is a matter of personal responsibility.

The fashion magazine reported that men in Seoul feel that the clothes they wear are “the best” because they are not meant to be worn by “socially accepted people.”

The survey asked men in two cities: Seoul and Busan, what they felt about the clothing that they wear and why they feel the way they do.

Many men in Korea are not concerned about how their looks are portrayed in the media and instead feel a sense of personal obligation to dress better.

The survey also revealed that many men feel that they are entitled to choose the clothes that they want to wear, as long as they can afford to.

When asked to compare themselves to a picture of a woman, a man is asked to pick one of the four most attractive women in the photo.

The other three options are white, black, or gray.

A man who chooses gray is more likely to choose a gray suit or dress.

When asked if they would wear a gray dress to a wedding, the survey results showed that men who chose gray clothing are more likely than men who choose white to choose gray.

The results also revealed a similar picture when asked to choose one of three types of clothing.

The men who selected gray were more likely then the men who chosen white to pick gray.

When it comes to choosing a suit, the respondents were more than three times more likely when asked if their choice of suit should be gray.

When it comes down to choosing the right type of shirt for a man, many say that they feel more confident wearing white than gray shirts.

When women are asked to look at a picture where the picture is of a man in a white shirt, the men in gray shirts are more than twice as likely to select a white one.

When the men choose a suit over a gray shirt, they are more comfortable choosing gray shirts over white shirts.

They also say that the suits that they prefer to wear are gray shirts rather than white ones.