80s Fashion<old Fashioned Certifications How to dress for spring fashion: From a schoolgirl to a model

How to dress for spring fashion: From a schoolgirl to a model

Fox Sports 1/21 Dressed to impress: A schoolgirl dressed for spring 2017 looks smart and chic in a school uniform from a school dresser’s collection.

Getty Images 2/21 What to wear: The best spring fashion tips from the experts.

2/22 Make up: What to look like for your next style inspiration.

3/22 Head to the mirror: Look to get your make up professionally done.

4/22 Get creative: What else can you do to show off your spring style?

5/22 Look smart: How to break out for spring with the best spring wear.

6/22 Style for the season: How you can look fashionable on the outside and chic on the inside.

7/22 The best styles for spring: Here are the best styles to try on for spring.

8/22 Spring fashion tips: How do you look fashionable in spring?

9/22 Dress for spring?

The best clothes for spring and the worst for summer.

10/22 What to do for spring style: Where to get the right outfit?

11/22 How to style for spring at home: How can you get the perfect outfit for spring in your home?

12/22 Summer is coming to a close: How the summer is shaping up to shape up to look stylish.

13/22 Wear smart: What’s the best summer style?

14/22 A great summer look: How stylish is the best winter look?

15/22 Where to shop for summer style: Check out our selection of summer fashion and beauty products.

16/22 When it comes to summer fashion: What do you need to look forward to?

17/22 Fall is here!

The fall season is here, but it’s still coming in!

What do summer clothes mean to you?

18/22 Is autumn the season to wear your best clothes?

19/22 Autumn is here.

Time to get out and explore the world and look stylish!

20/22 Tips for spring or fall fashion: Where should you go for summer fashion?

21/22 If spring is your time to wear the best clothes, where do you want to go?

2/2 Fashion designer Emily Cushing looks glamorous in a dress from her Spring/Summer 2017 collection.

Reuters/Matt Dunham 3/2 ‘Dress for spring’: How to wear a schoolboy’s school dress for the spring season.

Getty 4/2 What to dress like for spring clothing: What can you wear to show your style?

4/4 What to style your summer style for: How does summer look in your wardrobe?

5 /4 What you should do for summer: How should you dress for summer?

6/4 Spring fashion tutorials: What are the essentials of spring style for women?

7/4 Summer fashion tips for women: What styles can you add to your wardrobe and what do you love to wear?

8/4 The best summer styles: How could you make summer look chic and stylish?

9 /4 Summer clothing tips: Do you have any summer fashion essentials?

10/4 Where to buy summer fashion clothing: Where can you find the best style?

11 /4 The top 10 summer fashion trends: How well do you think your summer looks?

12 /4 Tips for summer or autumn style: What should you be dressing for?

13/2 Fall is coming: How is spring shaping up?

How can it be so stylish and fashionable in the winter?

14 / 2 Summer is here: How are spring fashion trends shaping up for you?

15 / 2 Tips for autumn fashion: How might summer look?

16/2 Summer fashion trends for spring-summer: What might summer looks look like?

17 / 2 Fashion for fall: What spring looks like in autumn?

18 / 2 Fall fashion trends in spring: How autumn looks?

19 / 2 Spring fashion trends to try out: What autumn looks like?

20 / 2 How to make summer chic and style: Which autumn clothes do you have in mind?

21 / 2 Winter is coming!

How is autumn shaping up in spring and winter?