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How to create an all-day fashion event

When the rain falls, when it feels like no one’s looking, when the sun is shining and when there’s nothing to do but sit on the porch and listen to the music, it’s time to put together a fashion event for everyone.

For some, that’s a big part of what they’re doing when they attend a fashion show, from the headliner’s selection of accessories to the theme for the evening.

For others, it is a way to get a good night’s sleep.

For Lauren Kaller, it was about being part of a family, even if that meant she was not in the house.

“It’s really important to be able to come out of that feeling of being at home with a group of friends and really enjoy yourself and have a good time,” she said.

For Marielle Ehrhardt, it wasn’t just about having a great time, but being a part of an event that brings in the community and shows people around the city what it means to dress in traditional ways.

“We’re all wearing hats and wearing suits and jackets, and I think that’s really beautiful,” she told ABC News.

For the former fashion designer, it meant creating a new style of look that was fun to wear and to wear with a bunch of friends.

For Kallers, it also meant taking a break from work to have fun and play outside and exploring her passion for craftsmanship.

For Ehrards, it came down to being a stay-at-home mom, even when the kids were with her.

For her, it allowed her to spend more time with her children.

For both, it had to be about the fun, not necessarily about the results.

“I think what’s really cool about fashion is that it’s not about the product, it doesn’t have to be good for the person wearing it, but it’s about the experience,” Ehrard said.

“You can have a great party, you can have an amazing show, you don’t have a need to look good, but you can also have a really good time and it will be a great experience.”

For the new generations, it will just be another way to show off their style.