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When the Alt Fashion boots come to the US

Wearing black and gold, these boots are no-brainer for the alt fashionistas in your life.

It’s no wonder that they’ve been such a hit with fashion-savvy women.

“When I was a kid, I would always want to wear a black dress, so when I saw the Alt fashion boots in a magazine or on the internet, I wanted to try them on and see if I could wear them,” said Stephanie, a 31-year-old who recently returned from an extended break.

“They fit really well and have a really nice look to them.”

Stephanie says she prefers the boots over her everyday dress shoes, but she also loves to experiment with new styles.

“I am a fan of lace skirts and heels, but I also like to try something different with boots,” she said.

“The Alt fashion shoes are so comfortable, and I have to say that I am really impressed with how much they fit.”

The Alt Fashion shoes are the perfect dress for the summer season.

They feature a black lace, a white stripe down the side and black lace around the ankles, with a white lining around the toe box and an alligator strap around the calf.

Stephani says she wears them in summer, and the boots are an option when she wears her usual dress in winter.

“There are plenty of boots for winter, but the Alt style boots are the best choice,” she explained.

“For the most part, I wear them in the summer because they are comfortable and they are a little bit lighter, which is great.”

Stephane, a 26-year old from Quebec, has a similar take.

“As long as it’s not too hot, they’re a great fit and I like to wear them when I have a cold or when I’m out and about,” she told Reuters.

The shoes come in several different styles, from the plain black lace lace to the lace-up, high-tops and leather boots, but there is one that stands out.

“These boots have the best toe box,” Stephanie said.

“They’re also the best for those times when I need to add a little something extra.”

The footwear is available online, at Footlocker.com, or from Wal-Mart stores.