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Which brands will have their fashion trends in 2020?

Fashion is an industry that’s constantly evolving, and it’s not just a matter of changing styles.

It’s a matter, as the designers and retailers who work in the industry know, of staying true to what makes us who we are.

It also means keeping things fresh and innovative.

This year’s fashion trends are changing, and so are the look of the industry.

We caught up with 10 of the hottest designers and brands to find out which brands are keeping up with fashion trends.


Kama Sutra: The brand has taken the brand into a whole new direction this year, introducing a new collection for its new womenswear line called Sutra, which features a new line of braided hair accessories that have been inspired by the new Sutra hair-dos.

The new collection features more feminine-inspired items, like lace braids and braided wigs, as well as more masculine-inspired designs, like necklaces, necklifts, and more.

In addition to a new womenwear collection, Kama is also releasing a new, custom, jewelry-making tool called the Kama Hairline, which is made from a special blend of hair from its signature women’s line.

This hairline is available at select Kama stores throughout the United States.


Kate Moss: The designer has continued to focus on creating a unique look for women that’s rooted in tradition, with the collection for the new women’s collection for men.

The collection features a variety of bold prints, including a black-and-white striped dress with a sequin-patterned bodice, which has been inspired in part by the iconic pin-up from the 1950s.

Also on display are three pieces from the collection: a blue, black, and gold silk chiffon dress, a purple silk chifre, and a gold and white lace dress.

The chiffons are made from 100 percent silk, which creates an almost silky finish that is easy to wear.


Dior: The French brand is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2019, and is celebrating with a new spring/summer collection that is inspired by its roots in the 19th century.

The collections include the signature spring/Summer 2019 collection, featuring a collection that features an all-black silhouette that has been enhanced by a mix of bright prints, bold prints and bright color choices.

The colors range from vibrant to neutral and offer a unique blend of colors, making it an ideal collection for any spring/sunday style.


Calvin Klein: The American designer is celebrating the 50th year of its line with a collection of classic, timeless, timeless looks for women.

This collection features the classic Calvin Klein suits with their classic silhouette and timeless design.

The line includes a number of classic looks that feature classic prints and silhouettes.


The Brand: The new women collection by The Brand is a collection featuring more contemporary designs inspired by contemporary trends.

The women’s looks feature a mix, from classic prints to modern silhouettes, with bold prints that make it easy to find a flattering pair of clothes for any occasion.

The brand is launching two new women silhouettes: the classic black suit and the modern black dress.


Ralph Lauren: The iconic French designer has created a new women range inspired by an ancient, ancient time in its history.

The range features timeless pieces that look great on the go.

The classic black dress from the new Ralph Lauren collection features classic black fabric and the iconic silhouette that the brand has become known for, which combines black and gold to create a modern and timeless look.


Louis Vuitton: The Swiss brand has launched a new range of clothing for women in the spring/spring 2020.

The Spring/Summer 2020 collection features silhouettes inspired by traditional French styles, which feature a blend of classic prints, contemporary prints, and bold prints.


Givenchy: The fashion house has launched its new collection of clothing inspired by women’s fashion for the spring, with a line that has a mix-and match of classic and contemporary pieces.

The fall/winter collection features prints inspired by styles like the iconic red and black polka dot dresses, and the new Spring/summe collection features colorful prints inspired in large part by pastel colors.


The Ralph Lauren Collection: The Ralph is celebrating 50 years of fashion with a stunning collection of bold, timeless designs for women for spring/winter 2020.

From the iconic green-and and white polka dots to the modern green- and black dress, the collection features bold prints inspired exclusively by the designer’s signature designs, from the iconic yellow polka-dot dress to the elegant, bold blue dress.


Fendi: The Italian luxury brand is proud to continue its tradition of creating the best-selling luxury fashion in the world, with an all new collection that celebrates the golden age of the French brand.

The latest collection features an iconic black suit with