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How to get rid of your barbie style tags

With so many different barbie brands on offer, it’s tough to keep track of what style each one is.

The good news is there are a few simple tricks you can use to get your favourite brands off your plate.


Look at the tag and what it stands for, rather than what it looks like.

This may sound obvious, but it’s crucial.

Barbie, the iconic brand of childhood memories, was first created in 1970.

The word “Barbie” was first used in the 1960s and was followed by “Bar” in the 1980s.

You can see that the original name of the brand was also a reference to the character from the television show “Barbershop”.

In 2017, the tag has been updated with the words “Barbies” and “Lets” and it looks a lot less like the original.


Don’t forget to pay attention to the colour of the packaging.

If you buy something in a barbie bag, you’ll notice it has been tagged with a particular colour, so it’ll be easier to spot which brand it’s coming from.

If it’s a bar of chocolate, you can’t tell the brand from the label, so don’t worry if it’s not blue or green.


Look for packaging that shows a bar code or QR code.

If the tags are white and have a black bar code, that means it’s either a barcode scanner or a bar codes app.

If they’re in the same colour as the barcode, it means it might be a barcodes scanner.

If that’s the case, look for bar codes that are easy to scan, like QR codes.


Use the right colour for the right product.

Bar codes and QR codes have become so ubiquitous, they’ve become a common part of everyday life.

For example, you could order a bar at the supermarket using a bar coded bar code.

However, if you look for something that has a QR code on the front, it might mean the bar code is an app.


Keep your eyes open for barcodes on other brands.

It’s possible that barcodes or QR codes will pop up on other brand packaging, and they may look like they belong to a different brand.

For instance, you might see a bar with a bar and a code on one packaging, but the barcodes will be different on the other packaging.

Try looking for labels that match the branding on the packaging, such as the label on the product’s barcode or the QR code you find on a bar.


Check the product description.

If your barcodes aren’t working, check the label.

There’s no need to go through the hassle of searching for the correct label.

If something is unclear, just ask the seller and they’ll usually know.


Get in touch with the brand.

Many of the brands we mentioned above offer bar codes or QRcodes to help identify their products.

Try contacting the seller on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to find out if they’re aware of the issue.


Get a second opinion.

If barcodes and QRcodes are working, you may have noticed that the product doesn’t appear to be of the right quality.

Check its packaging.

For many brands, you probably already have a bar, and the bar itself has a label that matches the colour on the package.

If there’s a colour difference between the label and the packaging that you can see on the bar, you know it’s the wrong barcode.

If so, check for other brands and ask for a second opinions on the matter.


Check to make sure the product is compatible.

If a bar is being tagged with an incorrect barcode number, you should try to get it tested to see if it is compatible with the product.

This is particularly important for products with different brands, such a chocolate bar that uses different ingredients.

Check that you’re using the right barcode and you should be able to see the correct product.

If not, try a new one.


Ask the seller to send you a new product.

Sometimes the packaging will have a small tag that says “We can’t be held responsible for your product”.

Ask the manufacturer or the seller if they’ll accept the tag.

Some people think it’s better to have the original packaging, even if they don’t get the correct barcode code, rather that they get a product that doesn’t match the tag that’s being used on the box.