80s Fashion<old Fashioned Certifications A look at the 1940s fashion tape collection

A look at the 1940s fashion tape collection

A look back at the history of vintage fashion tape, and the history behind the collection, that’s the goal of a new museum opening in Atlanta, Georgia.

The museum, named after the first vintage fashion brand, will be dedicated to showcasing the history and heritage of vintage tape, as well as the influence of women and women of color.

“We’re excited to open this museum to the public, because this is an important story of the fashion and fashion culture that started in the 1940’s,” museum director Stephanie Treskiewicz said.

“It was the women of the time who had an impact on fashion and on fashion.

So it’s really about the history that was created by women and the women that were inspired by fashion and the stories that were created by the women who were fashion designers.”

Treskiews father, Art Tresksiewicz, founded the museum with his father, Fred Treskes, in 1954.

He died in 2016.

The collection includes hundreds of vintage items that were produced by the famous American companies that were then known as the “Fashion Tape” company.

“These are the things that were important to women’s fashion, that were essential to women,” museum founder Art Tseskiew said.

“They were important because women were the only ones that could wear it,” he added.

Art Treskwies collection includes items such as a leather belt, a pair of jeans, a leather pant, and an early model of a leather jacket.

It includes pieces like this one that was worn by the legendary dancer, Dorothy Parker, during her famous performance at the 1929 Winter Olympics.

It’s a piece of vintage Americana that was the inspiration for the classic 1940s sitcom, “The Wizard of Oz.”

Art Tsesks collection also includes a vintage pair of red tennis shoes, which were worn by actress Dorothy Parker.

They were worn on stage by the late actress Shirley Temple in “The Great Gatsby” and also by the characters of Dorothy and her brother in “Patton.”

The collection is expected to last for more than a decade.

The Georgia museum is also planning to showcase a collection of original prints from the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s.

“I’m really excited that the Atlanta Museum of Art is going to be able to exhibit these historic pieces that we have collected over the years,” Treskos said.

Tresksiews said the collection has the potential to be “the largest and most important collection of vintage film, television, and music” that exists.

“It will be a great way to showcase these pieces of film and music that have been so important to the lives of so many of us,” he said.