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Fashion show, fashion show: ‘We love to make clothes’

The fashion show at the Giuseppe Zanotti Gallery in Milan was the biggest ever for Italian fashion. 

It is part of a wave of interest in the Italian fashion, which is slowly picking up steam, according to Gianni Versace. 

He said: It’s the first time we’ve had a big show in Milan. 

There are so many great brands in Milan that we love to show them, even if we don’t know what they will look like. 

“We love working with them. 

We can’t say we don ‘t love them, we really love them.” 

A lot of the people in Milan are very into the Italian style, and that is why we have the Giudice. 

A big part of our mission is to make people feel more Italian and to make the city feel more like home.” 

A look at the latest models from the Giueppina Zanotti show. 

The show is a celebration of Italian fashion in Italy, with the designers of some of the country’s most renowned brands – like Alessandro Michele, Stefano Gabbana, Gianni Gucci, Giancarlo Esposito and Gucci – in attendance. 

Gabbana and Esposio are two of the biggest stars in Italian fashion right now. 

They have been featured on countless magazines and on the covers of magazines across the world, including Vogue, GQ and Vogue. 

And Gabbanese is also a part of the “Giuseppe Gabbanei”, the famous Italian fashion house that is now owned by Louis Vuitton. 

Versace said: “The Giuseppi was the first Italian fashion show to be held in the Milan area. 

 It was a fantastic moment for Milan and for the city. 

For us, Milan is our home. 

Its where we want to be, and we wanted to celebrate that with a show of Italian clothes. 

So we decided to put on a show in the city centre.” 

It has become a major event for Italian fans. 

On Friday night, fans packed into the Giutano Zanotti gallery for the opening ceremony, with a view of the show.

This was the second time in three years that the Giudecci had opened a show at Milan’s city centre. 

Last year, the show attracted over 1,000 people. 

During the show, Gabbani unveiled the new “Giozzi” collection of jeans, which was designed by Gucci for the Italian market. 

Gucci’s first Italian label to appear on the show was Alessandro Biondi’s “Gucci for Milan”, a new collection that was designed for Milan.

The show also featured a “Dalton & Macdonald” runway show, which featured models of brands like Chanel, Louis Vuifan and Guerrillermo Ferragamo.

The designers, including Gucci’s Giuseppa Zanotti collection, were also in attendance to showcase their own collections.

The Giudecci have also been selling clothing online since 2014, with designers including Gianni Gabbanna, Stefani Gabbanes, Gianluigi Dall’Igna, Michele Gucci and Gianni Perotti also appearing. 

But while the Giudesi are selling their own clothes online, the trend for more traditional Italian brands to show up at the show is growing. 

This year, there were a lot of new names to the list, including Valentino, Dolce & Gabbina and Riccardo Tisci, the former owner of the Milanese restaurant, La Cascina. 

Giuseppo Zanotti is also the first gallery to hold a major show for a non-Italian designer, with Italian designers like Stefano Gucci in attendance, as well as Stefano Salvatori, Stefania Gucci-Cali, Stefane Giusevaro and Stefano Colonna.

The latest Italian designer to join the show were Alessandro Bianchi, Stefen Romero and Stefania Colonna, who are also on the list of designers who will be selling their clothing online. 

However, the Italian designer who will likely sell most of his clothes is Alessandro Pina, who was spotted at the last show, showing off a collection he had designed for the Italian fashion house. 

Pina is a fan of the Giuzo and is a big fan of Gucci. 

After he was spotted, he tweeted a picture of himself and his wife, Marina, on his Instagram account, captioning it: I love the Giussones so much. 

I was in Milan for two days and now it’s time to leave. 

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