80s Fashion<old Fashioned About Us When it comes to fashion, there’s nothing more Italian than the Milanese, says Milanese fashion designer Andrea Di Pascale

When it comes to fashion, there’s nothing more Italian than the Milanese, says Milanese fashion designer Andrea Di Pascale

It’s been almost a decade since the Italian fashion designer and fashion ambassador Andrea Di Pisacane’s first Milanese dress was worn, and her career has taken a turn for the worse.

In 2017, Di Pisaccia’s Milanese designer label released the first of a new collection featuring pieces inspired by Italian culture and its cultural influences, and a new trend called ‘Milanese fashion’.

This year, the brand launched a second collection, the first in Milan since Di Pisacere’s first collection, but this time, her Milanese collection was limited to a limited number of styles, including her signature Milanese and Milanese classics, as well as her signature accessories, the Milan Sartorials.

“The Milanese style is the best of all the Italian styles.

It is very sophisticated and it has a timeless and timeless look,” said Di Pisascere, who said that the collection was a tribute to the Italian past.”

I like that it is so well curated and very professional, and we all look at each other with a smile.”

The collection was curated by Milanese designers, including Stefano D’Andrea, Alessandro Rinaldi, and Alessandra Moratti. 

“The new collection is very beautiful, but in my opinion, it is also the most Italian of all,” said the fashion designer, who has also created a line of Italian inspired fashion accessories and accessories, and is currently working on a line for the fashion industry.

“It’s a very beautiful collection.

It has the look of Milanese art and of Milan.”

The fashion designer said that she wanted to focus on the style and the design of her Milan-based designs, which are made from a mixture of materials from Italy, France, Switzerland, and Spain, but also from other Italian designers and international brands.

“In the past, the most important thing for me was to be a true Italian, because I want to look like Italy,” said Giuseppe Di Pisascale, who created the Milan-inspired designs in collaboration with Stefano Di Pisi, Alessandra Cini, and Francesco Del Tormore.

“But the new collection I’m really proud to present,” Di Pisisa said, referring to the collection that was launched on April 10.

“The Milan-style is very different from other Milanese pieces, but the best is still to be found in the Milan.” 

“I think it’s great that they created a brand that’s very Italian,” Di Pisa said of Di Pisacio’s work.

“It’s just a wonderful example of the Italian style, and it’s beautiful.”

“The only thing I would change is that the pieces that were available in Milan were more limited,” Di Piisa said.

“I don’t think that they were good enough for the consumer.”

Di Pisacale is now working on her third collection, which will include pieces inspired from Italy and the United States.

“I have the feeling that the new style of Milan-like looks is very interesting for me,” Di Sartore said. 

While she’s not a fan of the traditional Milanese designs, Di Piscacere is open to them in the future.

She said that her current collection was inspired by the Italian lifestyle, but that it’s also about creating more timeless and contemporary pieces.

“We are going to do more contemporary pieces, that is my aim.

I have already created three pieces inspired on Italy, and one on the US,” Di Scasto said.