80s Fashion<old Fashioned Products Model is the fashion icon of the year

Model is the fashion icon of the year

The fashion model of the decade has been crowned the fashion industry’s most influential person with the new survey of the best-selling clothing.

The winner, a Canadian fashion model who went by the stage name of Coco Chanel, is a well-known model and actress who has also appeared in numerous films and television shows.

The list of the top 20 fashion icons of the 20th century was announced Wednesday.

The poll was conducted by F&C, a consumer-research firm.

It was the first time a top 20 list was published by the company, which is based in Los Angeles.

Coco Chanelles popularity as a model has been the subject of many online videos and she recently became a reality TV star.

In the poll, the fashion designer is the best known fashion brand in the world.

In the past 10 years, Chanel has been named the fashion model most often.

She has been featured in a number of films including “The Hunger Games,” “Dancing with the Stars” and “Modern Family.”

The survey was conducted on behalf of F&amps research arm and sponsored by a number and brands.

The survey is an annual ranking of the world’s best-known fashion designers, fashion designers and designers in general.